The Home Shala – parking and entry

Our home shala is at 64 Swan Street in the leafy suburb of Guildford. Out the front, on the Swan St verge are 3 of Guildford’s iconic Sugar Gums. These Sugar Gums are protected and we ask that you do not park underneath these trees or on the Swan St verge.

Parking on Waylen St and the Waylen St verge out the front of our house is permitted and advised as entry to the shala is from the driveway on Waylen St. When parking, we would prefer that you utilize the Waylen St verge first and park adjacent to our property to minimize impact to our neighbours and street congestion.

Once you are parked, come through the small white gate and make your way through to the shala, if you are a new student I’ll greet you at the gate and show you the way.

If you have ridden your bike please bring it through the little white gate with you and park it using the bike rack near to the shala. We love it when our yogis ride to class! Walking is even better!

We have two lovely dogs – Roxy the German Shepherd and Bella the Daschund. Both will be kept inside the house but might bark at you when you walk past. They are just saying hi!

I look forward to welcoming you into the home shala to share this sacred practice with you.

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