Adult Classes

Move, Breathe, Meditate, Rest.


Walk in to my classes feeling stressed and stiff and float out feeling lifted up and relaxed.

Tailored to students needs on the day, I create a fusion of techniques drawing from Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Myofascial Release in my signature student focused style.

You can expect a mix of flows and stabilizing held postures sometimes sprinkled with a yin posture or two.

I’ll guide you through the poses with key functional and alignment points offering you a range of modifications for you to choose from to suit how your body is feeling that day.

We finish our practice with pranayama (breathing techniques) to draw our vital life force inwardly in preparation for Meditation before your Savasana (rest pose).

As you relax, I wrap your feet up in the blanket, coupled with quick foot or head massage and then guide you through relaxation techniques so you can get the most out of your Savasana.

Roused from rest gently with the sounds of chant or singing bowls you’ll walk out of class feeling refreshed and centred.

Classes at the home shala offer small classes with a maximum of 6 people, bookings are essential.

Click the link to secure your spot on the mat.

Ashtanga Guided Practice

Be guided through the Ashtanga ¼ Primary series to Navasana. Suitable for graduates of my 8 week beginner’s yoga course. You are welcome to join in the class as a self practice of the Ashtanga Sequence. (Do the sequence at your own pace.)

Please note that this is not a Mysore Style class – I do not offer the physical adjustments/assists that a Mysore Class offers. I empower you to find yourself in the pose as your own expression of your unique skeletal variation. Honouring  your body and the intention of the pose rather than aesthetic alignment.

Classes at the home shala offer small classes with a maximum of 6 people, bookings are essential.

Yin / Myo Yin / Roll and Release

A beautiful compliment to the dynamic/Yang classes I have on offer.

Long held (3 – 5+ minutes) of supported postures allow for your connective tissue to be stimulated and hydrated. I also add myofascial release techniques to the this class leaving you feeling fluid and Zen-like.

Classes at the home shala offer small classes with a maximum of 6 people, bookings are essential.

Friday night Yin Mini Retreat

Once a month join me on a 1.5hr mini retreat to leave you feeling all Zen, ready for the weekend.

Friday nights once a month 6.30pm See schedule to book.

Beginner’s Courses

8 Week Adult Beginner’s Course 7.15 pm Thursday evenings.

  • Want to start a yoga practice?
  • Has it been a while since you practiced yoga?
  • Have you been to a yoga class and just muddled along, trying to copy a shape the teacher demonstrates without really knowing what you’re meant to do?
  • Or do you want to refine your practice and learn more about the other aspects of yoga?
Philosophy~Asana (Poses)~Pranayama (Breathing)~Dhyana (Meditation)

In my 8 Week Beginner’s Yoga Course, we breakdown foundational asana (poses) to learn key functional and alignment cues, modifications of the poses to maintain the integrity and purpose of the pose but a shape and a way that is nurturing for your body.

You’ll be introduced the philosophy of yoga and it’s real purpose and I’ll show you how to connect back to your breath and use it to power your meditation and asana practice.

I’ll show you the foundation of a powerful yogic meditation that is a practical tool to calm your monkey mind.

Small class sizes means personalisation of the practice to suit you and we connect as a group and grow as we learn together.

The next 8 Week Adult Beginner’s Course Starts : Thursday Nights 24th October 7.15 pm

Sunday Community Connections

Once a month workshops, mini-retreats or community donation classes focused on Yoga, Health and Wellbeing.

This Month’s Community Connection is: Embrace the Real you. Presented by Melissa Collis.

Embrace the REAL you
Many of us have learned to define ourselves by what we do, how we act and how other people see us.
Be it “the hard worker”, “the good girl”, “the over achiever”, “the hussy”, “the bitch”, even labels such as “Mum”, “Wife”, “Daughter”. These labels are given to us from young and it is who we end up believing we are.
We are so much more than these labels other give us and it is a hard path to find a way out of and if are anything like me it can be hard to know where to start.
Join me as we delve into who we are at our core, forgetting the labels that have been pinned to us from young and start carving your own path and embracing the REAL you.

Sunday 7th July 10am – 12 noon. $40

Private Classes

Can’t get to a scheduled class or have a specific yogic goal you would like more personalised instruction on then a private class is perfect.

$70 per hour.

Group Classes

Get your squad together, whether it’s your work colleagues or your besties (or both!) and split the cost of a class between you.

Or connect as a family with a family yoga session.

Great for team building, a conscious alternative to a Hen’s party or a great way to share yoga with your friends and family.

$70 per hour, I bring all the props you just provide a space. Minimum of 4 people, max of 10.